Be Alert for Bank Imposter Scams!

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Scammers are posing as banks to trick unsuspecting customers into giving them access to their accounts. It starts with a scammer calling you using falsified caller ID information, so it appears to be coming from your bank. The scammer may also email you from an email address that closely resembles your bank’s email addresses, or text you from a number that appears to be your bank’s phone number.

Protect yourself by:
  • Verifying your bank is actually trying to contact you by calling them back at the number provided on their website or the direct number you already know for a bank employee.
  • Review the sender’s email address to verify it’s similar to the ones your bank uses. Look for misspelled sender names, missing or swapped letters or an unusual domain. Odd phrases or poor grammar may also represent an imposter.
  • Don’t click on links. Links in scam emails and texts may take you to a website that resembles your bank’s actual website but the URL won’t be the same. Scammers may design a fraudulent website to capture your online log in credentials or other information they can use to gain access to your accounts.

EntreBank will never call you and ask for your account, loan or debit card numbers. We won’t ask you for your online banking user name and password or your debit card PIN.

Be leery of any unsolicited communication that asks for sensitive information. If it’s a phone call, hang up. If it’s a text or email, don’t click any links or download attachments.

Don’t fall for fraud. Be sure to monitor your bank account activity and take action if you spot anything suspicious. If you believe your accounts have been targeted by a scam, contact us right away.

Learn more about fighting scams and fraud by visiting the Bureau of Consumer Protection with the Federal Trade Commission.

If you have experienced a call, email or text from a Bank imposter, please help stop this scam by reporting to the Federal Trade Commission.

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