Protection Against Debit Card Scams

Scam Alert

An EntreBanker may reach out to you if we notice debit card activity that is unusual for you. We will do this by calling you at the phone number we have on file and speaking with you directly to confirm the purchases we are suspicious about. If we call and you are not available, your card will be temporarily restricted until we have an opportunity to speak with you.

EntreBank will never send you a text message to confirm your debit card activity. We will never ask you for your card number, account number or any other sensitive information.

Helpful fraud protection tools are available to you in Digital Banking!

  • Manage Alerts: You can set up email or text alerts informing you when debits or credits post to your account.
  • Manage Card: Debit card-specific alerts by text or email can be added to your account notifying you of approved and declined purchases. You can also “turn off” your card when you are not using it to prevent card usage during unexpected time periods.

Please contact an EntreBanker if you’d like to learn more about how you can protect your accounts.


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